Music Lessons In Winnipeg, Manitoba

Available Online, In-Home and in Studio

The Academy of Music has been offering quality in-home music lessons since 1990. During these unprecedented times, we are taking steps to ensure the safety of our students and teachers including washing hands before each lesson, practicing physical distancing, and wearing PPE.

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Music Lessons In Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Academy of Music now offers Online Music Lessons, In-Home Music Lessons and Studio Music Lessons in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Academy of Music has been offering quality in-home music lessons at reasonable tuition rates for over 30 years starting in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1990. We now offer online instruction via Zoom or FaceTime as well as in-home and studio lessons in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the piano, guitar, voice, violin, drums, ukulele, flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, oboe, bassoon, euphonium, tuba, French horn, viola, cello, double bass, and electric bass!

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Online Music Lessons

Taking an online lesson is simple and you don’t need any technical knowledge. Just have a computer, laptop, or tablet and internet access and you are ready to go! As we celebrate our 30th anniversary during these unprecedented times, we would like to offer you your first online lesson for free!

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In-Home Music Lessons

There are several benefits to having in-home music lessons with the Academy of Music.

Convenience: One of the advantages of in-home lessons is the convenience. Families are often busy with many commitments and activities. It can be difficult to manage time. Having in-home lessons is the ideal solution to save traveling and waiting time.

Practice right before and after lessons: Another great advantage of in-home instruction is that students are able to practice right before and after their lesson. They are able to warm up and have the music fresh in their minds and fingers. It is also quite advantageous to practice right after the lesson while it is still fresh in the student’s mind. This will help the student to remember important information that the teacher is trying to convey during the lesson.

More relaxed: We have found that students are more relaxed and less nervous having their lesson at home in familiar and comfortable surroundings. The result is fewer mistakes, better performance, more confidence, and a more successful overall experience.

Familiar Instrument: For piano students, there is the advantage of having the instruction on their own instrument. Every acoustic and digital piano has a unique sound and feel. There are a variety of digital pianos and a wide range and quality of actions from non-weighted to authentic grand hammer action. It can be very difficult and frustrating for students who practice at home all week to have their lesson on another instrument that responds differently. It is also advantageous for the teacher to see what instrument the student is working on.Read More

Studio Music Lessons

The Academy of Music is now offering private lessons in the studio at several locations throughout the city of Winnipeg. Lessons are one on one and we follow the current recommended safety guidelines regarding washing of hands, physical distancing, and cleaning of instruments between lessons. Here is a list of current studio locations in Winnipeg:

New Piano studio location 51 St. Anne’s Road Now Open!

Winnipeg Guitar Lessons – St. Vital, West End

Winnipeg Piano Lessons – Bridgewater, Garden City, Linden Woods, River Heights, River Grove, St. James, St. Vital

Winnipeg Trumpet Lessons – Garden City

Winnipeg Trombone Lessons – St. Vital

Winnipeg Ukulele Lessons – St. Vital, West End

Winnipeg Violin Lessons – Bridgewater

Winnipeg Voice Lessons – Bridgewater, River Heights

Winnipeg Drum Lessons

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School Lessons

The Academy of Music offers private one on one music lessons on piano, guitar, and ukulele at many schools in the city of Winnipeg. Please contact your child’s school to see if they offer private lessons or would be interested in offering lessons to contact us at The lessons are offered both during the day as well as after school. Here is a current list of schools offering private lessons through the Academy of Music: Christ the King School, Holy Cross School, Holy Ghost School & St. John Brebeuf School.

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Winnipeg is the capital and largest city in Manitoba. The city is named after the nearby Lake Winnipeg; the name comes from the Western Cree words for muddy water. Winnipeg is a multicultural city that hosts numerous annual festivals, including the Festival du Voyageur, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Jazz Winnipeg Festival, the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, and Folklorama. Did you know that Winnipeg was the first Canadian host of the Pan American Games? It is also home to several professional sports franchises, including the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the Winnipeg Jets, Manitoba Moose, Valour FC, and the Winnipeg Goldeyes. It is also the home of 2020 Olympic Gold medalist Desiree Scott who played with the Manitoba Bison Soccer team. For those looking to learn about how to play, read, and compose music, Academy of Music offers music lessons in Winnipeg.

During these challenging times, we understand that many families are not comfortable traveling to a studio for lessons. That’s why we offer in-home music lessons in Winnipeg, making our services convenient, safe and accessible. Our instructors take steps to ensure the safety of students by washing their hands before each lesson, disinfecting instruments, maintaining physical distance, and wearing PPE. Having lessons in the comfort of your own home is more advantageous than you might think. You’ll feel relaxed in a familiar space, which can help you retain the skills that your instructor teaches. It offers an unparalleled level of convenience – the lessons are brought right to your doorstep! If you enjoy playing the grand piano that you have at home, you may feel more comfortable using your own

instrument. In-home music lessons are becoming more popular with many of our students. We are prepared to bring the beauty of music to your home in the safest way possible.

Piano Lessons

Little girl at a white Grand piano.

Interested in piano lessons in Winnipeg? Young learners ages 6-12 will enjoy Alfred’s Premier piano course. For adolescents, we offer Alfred’s Adult piano course. Our instructors at Academy of Music can help you prepare for the notoriously challenging Royal Conservatory piano examinations. Learning the piano is a rewarding experience; it allows you to play any song that you like on this beautiful instrument. You can play classical pieces or modern pop songs – with the piano, the choice is yours. Academy of Music offers Winnipeg piano lessons both in-home and online.

Guitar Lessons

At Academy of Music, we offer Winnipeg guitar lessons either at home or online. Those interested in classical music may be interested in The Royal Conservatory Classical Guitar program. Our teachers will help you prepare for these challenging exams that require precise technical accuracy and emotional depth. For those who are just starting to play guitar, you will enjoy Alfred’s Basic Guitar Course, which is designed to make this learning process easy and fun. Are you a fast learner? Then you may be better suited for The Hal Leonard’s Fast Track Guitar Course, which teaches a variety of techniques and styles. The guitar is a versatile instrument that allows you to play a variety of genres. Blues, rock, jazz, country, or pop – guitars can accompany all sorts of styles. At the Academy of Music, we can help you play at whatever level you are comfortable with. Master scales and conquers chords with our guitar lessons in Winnipeg!

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