Music Lessons in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

The Academy of Music has been offering quality in-home music lessons since 1990. During these unprecedented times, we are taking steps to ensure the safety of our students and teachers including washing hands before each lesson, practicing physical distancing, and wearing PPE.

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Music Lessons in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

portage la prairie guitar lessons and piano lessons

The Academy of Music now offers online music lessons in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. The Academy of Music has been offering quality in home music lessons at reasonable tuition rates for over 30 years starting in Winnipeg in 1990. We now offer virtual in home lessons with our new on-line instruction via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba on the piano, guitar, voice, violin, drums, ukulele, flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, oboe, bassoon, euphonium, tuba, French horn, viola, cello, double bass and electric bass lessons!

Portage la Prairie sits on the Assiniboine River, and its name comes from the act of carrying a canoe on land between waterways. The 13,000 residents are diligent and hard-working. The city’s economy is built on agriculture, trucking, and food processing facilities, like the potato plants that provide French fries for Wendy’s and McDonald’s. One unexpected sight in this quaint city is the world’s largest Coke can, which was made out of a former water tower. The Fort la Reine Museum celebrates the heritage of the region and gives a glimpse of settler history which dates back to the 18th century. Another way to learn about culture is to play an instrument. At Academy of Music, we offer Portage la Prairie music lessons.

Our music lessons in Portage la Prairie are versatile and adaptable. We meet each student at their skill level and adjust their lesson plan accordingly. Due to the pandemic, many people feel uncomfortable about leaving their homes. At Academy of Music, we understand that, so we are offering online lessons. It’s a convenient way to study music – you won’t have to make travel plans. Our live online lessons can be done via Skype or FaceTime. Scheduling is very flexible. You also can record the lessons with your instructor, so you can watch them again during the week, which will help you practice the material. 

Guitar Lessons

Portage la Prairie was the birthplace of punk rock band, Propagandhi. Aspiring musicians will be happy to know that Academy of Music offers Portage la Prairie guitar lessons. This instrument is a part of music around the world and is an accompaniment in songs of nearly every genre. Many people are drawn to the guitar because it can be both soulful and exciting. Guitar lessons in Portage la Prairie will teach you how to play your favourite songs and even write your own. We offer a variety of different lesson plans to match your desired outcome. Are you looking to learn the fundamentals? Alfred’s Basic Guitar course is perfect for beginners. It teaches the notes, songs, and techniques that will build a strong foundation for those who are just starting to play guitar. Experienced guitarists who are preparing for the RCM examination can enroll in our Royal Conservatory Classical Guitar program. Our instructors can help you learn the emotional depth and technical accuracy that this challenging test requires. At Academy of Music, we accommodate players of all ages and skill levels. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to strum your tunes at the Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival!

Piano Lessons

Our Portage la Prairie piano lessons are suitable for a wide range of ages. We offer lesson plans that are suitable for adults and children. Experienced pianists can enroll in a course that will prepare them for the challenging RCM examination – a true test of skill that prepares musicians, for life, as professional pianists. Piano lessons in Portage la Prairie will teach you how to read and compose intricate pieces – and who knows? You might one day be performing at the William Glesby Centre. 

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